I want to be a beekeeper

Want to be a beekeeper?

Book a place on our next ‘Introduction to Beekeeping Course’ that commences 12th January 2015. Ten Monday evening theory sessions will be followed by Wednesday evening practical sessions at our training apiary during April. More…

Reigate Market

Reigate Market

Every 4th Friday of the month, between 9am and 2pm; Reigate Beekeepers can be found at our market stall at the Reigate Farmers Market in the centre of Reigate town at the junction of High Street, Church Street and Bell Street More…

This is Us

Interested in Bees?

Thinking you might like to take up beekeeping?
Wondering what Reigate Beekeepers is doing to save the bees?
Trying to decide which beekeeping club to join?
Well why not start with … More…

Find the Queen!

The queens are in the colonies, it’s just that they are not easy to spot, taking experience and a method to reliably find them.
But how good could you be?
To find out, we have a few pictures for you to see how easily you can find the queen bee in them.
Most of the queens are marked, but do spend some time studying how different she looks compared with other bees around her.
It’s that difference that you are looking to be able spot, when they are all also moving!
To start the challenge, click here …. More…

Tree Bumblebees

Bird Boxes & Bumble Bees

Bird boxes and now Tree Bumblebees are widespread throughout the UK. The problem is that the latter regards the former as its favourite nest site, and will aggressively defend its nest. While the boxes are empty, is a good time to take precautions. More…

Beginners Practical Training

Practical Training

Teaching Apiary meetings take place every week (weather permitting), from the first week in April to the end of August on Wednesday evenings starting at 6.30pm. The apiary itself will typical house approximately 12 hives, which … More…