New Teaching Apiary Open Reply

Reigate Beekeepers moved into our new teaching site in 2010. The transfer was not simple due to the need to work within the rules of the charities Commission and the requirements of the trustees of the Surrey Division. However the hard work is over and the new apiary is now owned by the club. We already have a range of locations available to us, and this will further enhance our facilities.

A considerable amount of clearing has been done and the entrance and the footpath on the east side of the site have been secured with stock fencing. A double gate system at the entrance allows the farmer access to his fields whilst keeping our access strip secure. The site is approximately two acres and will be divided into three parts. The north end, adjacent to the entrance will be for parking, central area will be for meeting and social events, leaving the south end as the working apiary. Both a water and electricity supply have now been connected to the site and a bee friendly trees & shrubs have been planted around the site boundary.

With planning permission granted, we are in the early stages of seeking funds for a single story building on site to facilitate on-site teaching and events. We already have sponsorship for a number of new hives.

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