Contacting Us

If you have a specific query please check out our FAQ page before contacting us.

If your query is not resolved by visiting the FAQ page, please use the most appropriate Contact Form from the list below. Your query will then be automatically routed to the right contact.

Apiary Visit Enquiry     To visit our Training Apiary, request details of when best to visit and how to find it.

Beginners Course        Enrol or enquire about our next Beginners Course   

Taster Day                   Enrol or enquire about our next Taster Day

Honeybee Swarm       To contact one of our Swarm Collectors nearest to where the swarm has ‘landed’.

Membership               Enquire about joining or ask about Membership options or for an Application Form.

Make a Donation       By sending us a cheque by post or directly by bank transfer.

Grants & Sponsoring  Offer to provide a grant to, or sponsor, Reigate Beekeepers in some way.

Sponsoring-a-Hive     To contribute partially or fully towards the cost of a new hive.

Out- Apiary                To offer use of an area of your garden or land for one of our Reigate Beekeepers to site a hive

Invite a Speaker        Request Reigate Beekeepers to give a presentation about bees and beekeeping to your Society, Charity or, Institution

Existing Beekeeper?  Enquire about Reigate Beekeepers programme of events, activities or resources.

Other                          Ask about an issue that does not seem to be included above. PLEASE NOTE – For questions about Swarms or ‘Nests’ of bees, do please first read our notices and advice about Swarm Collection and Bumblebees in bird boxes. Then if you believe your question remains unanswered, contact one our Swarm Collectors (here).