Found a Clustered Swarm of Bees?

Think you have seen a clustered honey bee swarm?  Compare what you have seen with the pictures above and in this article, as well as at this link:  Is it a swarm of honey bees? and fully read this page before contacting us via one of the phone numbers provided below.

Swarm on HouseFirst … attempt to distinguish between Honey bees and Bumble bees.

We can attempt to capture and remove a newly clustered swarm of Honey bees, but we will not remove Bumble bees from or with their nests, however inconvenient they may be to yourselves.

Honey bee swarms are normally docile and non aggressive. But, it’s best to be safe and avoid approaching the swarm, and on NO account swat, spray or try to move the swarm yourselves.

Then … call a Reigate Beekeeper Swarm Collector from the list below who is nearest or near to where the swarm is located.

Be ready to describe over the phone:

  • what it is you believe to be a swarm
  • its current behavior (flying, clustered etc)
  • where and on what it has settled
  • approximate size and shape of cluster
  • when it was first noticed
  • best estimate of height above ground level
  • ease or difficulty of access and precise address/location details.

Note that depending on the location of the swarm it may not always be possible to safely remove it. For example, it may not be possible to remove a swarm which has already entered a cavity wall or, chimney. However, please call us and we will discuss this with you.

It is important to contact a Swarm Collector as soon as possible.

If a swarm is not caught soon after clustering it will eventually leave the cluster point and follow its scouts to a cavity, such as a chimney stack or roof void, where it may quickly build comb for a nest to establish a wild colony. If this occurs it cannot be managed or easily removed without breaking into the occupied structure. A wild colony in such a location may survive for a long time, and possibly become a nuisance.

If you want to contact Reigate Beekeepers about a swarm:

When phoning one of our Swarm Collectors listed below, please …

  • … do not leave a voicemail or answer-phone messages for swarm collectors
  • … if the NEAREST Swarm Collector can not be contacted, try the next nearest from the list.
  • … be aware that ‘withheld number’ calls may not be recognised or answered.
  • … do not leave urgent requests/messages as Comments about swarms on this website.

Not in or near any of the Reigate Beekeepers areas covered in the list below?

Find someone close to you via from where you can enter your post code and search the national database





  • Bookham

 Chris Peers

 01372 456752


 07831 160198


  • Caterham

Trevor Keast



07507 142704

  • Dorking

Andrew Boagey



07795 552874

  • Horley

Gerry James

01293 771814


07763 557957

  • Leatherhead

Graham Fyson

01372 374970


07767 044118

  • Leatherhead

Geoffrey Pye

07775 821931

  • Merstham

Keith Mackie

07786 024325

  • Abinger/Leith Hill/Westcott

Robert Dunn

07710 105674

  • Redhill

Vince Gallo

01737 226214


07807 099465

  • Reigate

Colin Clement

07833 240167

If you are not within or VERY near any of the areas covered in the list above…

Find someone closer to you via from where you can enter your post code and search the national database.

Read more about our Swarm Collection Service.

Use of Pest Control Companies

In some circumstances, such as the ‘swarm’ not being of honey bees, or if the Swarm Collector from Reigate Beekeepers considers that it is impossible or unsafe to capture the honey bee swarm, then it may be necessary to contact a reputable Pest Control Company. The following is a list of pest control companies who cover various locations. But please remember the use of pest control companies should only be a last resort where the honey bees cannot be saved, or the concern is the result of some other insect, and there is no other action that can be taken to resolve the concern and protect the insects.



Web Site Link

Telephone Number


The Pest Co

01737 212272

Reigate Redhill Leatherhead

Pestman (Lifetec Ltd)

01737 789368; 07772 541778


3 Counties Pest Control

08001 978181; 01737 731734


PGH Pest Control & Prevention

01483 273478; 07967 392964


County Pest Control Services Ltd

08002 118402; 07930 417737



01293 769909; 07776 063787