Where to Buy Local Honey 12

Our Honey For Sale

Looking to find where you can buy honey produced locally within the South East Surrey area and its borders?

In addition to honey produced by bees from the Reigate Beekeepers Divisions apiaries being available to buy, some of our members also have honey produced by their own bees available for sale from village stores, market stalls, Summer fetes and shows.

Although availability from a particular apiary or individual beekeeper at any given time can be difficult to predict or ensure, we can usually offer a selection to choose from the region.

For up-to-date listings read Members Honey For Sale

2014 was a very good year for our bees, enabling us to re-establishing colonies and rebuild honey stocks. Another mild Winter ensured that winter survival rates were good and an early warm 2015 Spring provided a modest early harvest for some of our members.

The long and predominantly dry 2015 Summer in the South East limited the late nectar flow, resulting in disappointing overall final harvest yields. Another interesting possible consequence of the dry Summer is that we are seeing darker looking honey.

The protracted Autumn of 2015, that morphed into the early Spring weather experienced during January 2016, with barely a hint of Winter weather in between, will present further challenges for our bees. They were flying far more often than is good for their required winter longevity. The numbers in the colonies may therefore be dwindling at a higher rate than usual … unless the Queens have also continued to lay due to the milder conditions and new brood is already able to replace the winter foragers.  It is now too cold (at last!) for beekeepers to inspect the colonies, so we will rely on checking the weight of the hives (for the amount of the colony’s own stores remaining) and for the usage of additional fondant we provide.

For a listing of Local Fairs, Fetes and Show Events that we will be attending during the summer months, click here.


  1. Hi,
    I’m looking for beekeepers who may be interested in utilising some land in an apple orchard to keep beehives and look after them.
    I have no hives currently and have no idea what it required I just want to help the bee population if possible.

    • Thank you for your enquiry and kind offer. In the first instance, do please read the information we provide in either the ‘Out-Apiaries…Hives in Your Garden’ (front page post), or the ‘Our Hive in Your Garden?’ page under the COMMUNITY menu tab. An on-line contact form can then be submitted to our Out-Apiaries coordinator with some basic details about the site you are suggesting ..we can then better advise you about its suitability.
      Thank you.

    • Hi Gregory,
      That would be very welcome, thanks.
      Our next ‘public engagements’ where we will have honey for sale from our own apiaries are listed on the Local Shows page, under the EVENTS menu tab. Otherwise one of our member beekeepers may be contacted via the Members Honey for Sale page under the HONEY menu tab.

  2. Hello, I’m looking to buy some local as possible honey, I live in Horley. Could you please advise me as to where the best place to buy some.
    Thank you

    • Hi Ashleigh,
      We have now just published a listing of our beekeepers who are currently willing and able to offer their products for direct or indirect (via local stores) sale. We hope you and many others find this useful. Look for ‘Members Honey For Sale’

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I live in Weybridge, where can I buy honey direct from a bee keeper on a regular basis nearby please?

    Yours sincerely

    Chris Warman

    • Thank you for your enquiry Sue.
      Since we have regrettably withdrawn from offering both Reigate Beekeepers’ and our Members honey at the Redhill and previously the Reigate Farmers Markets, we are aware that many of our regular customers to those markets will be disappointed.
      In response, we are in the process of compiling a list of other local markets, village shops and delicatessens through which some our Members may regularly (or occasionally) offer their Honey for sale. We are also looking to provide a list of our Members who can sell their products directly ‘from their door’. All of which will necessarily be subject to availability.
      Please bear with us while we ‘enrol’ as many participating members as practical to represent as wide a geographical area of our membership as possible, to avoid enquiring public like yourself all descending on a few.
      Watch this space.
      Meanwhile, do refer to the ‘Local Shows’ listing for details of where Reigate Beekeepers WILL be selling Honey this summer, and of course, visit our Honey Show in Reigate on the 10th October.

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