Bee Flyers Reply

Bee Flyers

If you attend a Village Fête, Fair or Open Day within South East Surrey during the summer months, you may well find a Reigate Beekeepers stall. We will be offering our Honey for sale and both talking about and often demonstrating beekeeping practices. We will also have informative displays, pamphlets and literature about honeybees, beekeeping and of course, Reigate Beekeepers training courses and membership. We can also be found on a regular basis at a Farmers Market every month … and of course at our own annual Honey Show during October. Reigate Beekeepers also participate in larger County or Regional shows, in conjunction with other nearby Divisions and Associations of the national British Beekeeping Association (BBKA).

At all these events, in addition to your being able to talk to experienced beekeepers, there will also usually be supplies of some of the literature that you can take away with you. For the latest information on our courses, and to enquire about membership now, please go to the Contacting Us page on this site, from where you can directly submit an enquiry.

For some of that literature, the actual leaflets can be downloaded and read or printed off as required from here by clicking on the ‘Click here’ links below. The document (in pdf format) will open in a new window. Of course we would still like you to visit us at one of our stalls. Check out where we can be found during the year on our Local Shows page.

These are some of the topics that we can presently provide leaflets about:

      • First steps in Beekeeping … a BBKA guide   Click here
      • Shrubs useful to Bees … a BBKA guide   Click here
      • Trees useful to Bees …  a BBKA guide   Click here
      • Bees and Wasps in your Garden … a BBKA guide   Click here
      • Bee Stings … a BBKA guide   Click here
      • Swarms … a BBKA guide   Click here
      • Honey Bee Swarms – What to Do … a BBKA Guide   Click here

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