Swarms Captured – on Video Reply

Swarms Captured on VideoBeekeeping holds many fascinations for beekeepers. Some simply enjoy the honey, others study hard to learn as much as possible about the bees and beekeeping, and many combine it with their love of nature and flowers in particular.

For one of (many) a number of our beekeepers, it is the handling of bees that is most enjoyable. And swarm collecting offers the most intense and challenging opportunities to do this.

Normally a solitary activity, this beekeeeper and a very busy member of our Swarm Collecting Team, thought it would be a fun idea to share the experiences he has had when called out to help the public – after some thousands of someone’s bees (not his, obviously) successfully got their attention.

Whenever the opportunities arose throughout 2015, whilst the swarms were being captured so the procedures involved were also captured … on video. They have been uploaded to YouTube and can be viewed via the embedded links below.More are promised as this year years call-outs are also recorded.

So don’t be surprised if the Swarm Collector that responds to YOUR plea for help in removing/rescuing a swarm of honeybees from your property arrives complete with a camcorder.

To view each clip full size on your screen when running – click the [ ] Full Screen button, bottom right of clip.

Look out for more videos that our camera toting beekeeper hopes to be able to add …

… once the 2016 swarm season gets under way.

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