Honey Show Report – Oct 2013 Reply

Honey Show 2013Reigate Beekeepers 2013 Honey Show was held on the 12th October in the Reigate Priory School Gym. 

(Scroll down for the slide show.)

The show, for all the family, provided a lively combination of …

        • information about Honey Bees , Beekeeping and Reigate Beekeepers.
        • displays of our beekeepers entries in our annual competition classes.
        • a tombola stall to try your luck at.
        • candle rolling and biscuit decoration for the children.
        • a mead taste challenge to help us find the most favoured members brew.
        • opportunities to sample and purchase our bees’ honey and other related products.

This year, our show theme was Food for Foragers, so in addition there were

        • displays about ‘Bee Useful’ planting for the different seasons of the bees year.
        • leaflets about forage plants to take away.
        • free packets of wildflower seeds.
        • even a few of those ‘Bee Useful’ plants were available to buy at the plant stall.

An observation hive enabled visitors to study some of our busy bees safely behind glass, and examples of the equipment we use in beekeeping were on show … with many of our experienced beekeepers on hand to answer questions. And when all that became too exhausting, teas & coffee were available from our refreshments stall, plus honey biscuits and slices of a range of cakes. Including of course … Honey cake.

The sun shone and the rain stayed away and we all enjoyed meeting members of the public to talk about honey bees and beekeeping. If you visited us on the 12th, thank you for spending some time with us, and we hope you found our show interesting and informative. If you missed out on visiting us at the show, browse the gallery of photos here that were taken on the day. And if you would like to know more about us and beekeeping in general, have a look through the information on this website or contact us directly using the on-line contact forms.

The hard working organiser of our little show poses a few questions by way of providing a few insights into the event.

“Did you know …

  • … We had well over 532 visitors to the Honey Show – until those on the door lost count or got distracted.  What can you say about guard bees!
  • … This included 187 children give or take a few…may be they lost their way from the footie match in the park.
  • … At least 150 visitors had never been before. So to those of you who dropped by or saw our posters/flyers – many thanks, you are obviously observant and curious.
  • … Somebody was kind to me because the sun shone after a soaking on the Friday night.
  • … Most of the mead was sampled by all, including the Mayor. By the way, my own prize winning mead won the public vote! (no fix honestly).
  • … It took one willing helper half a day to fill 60 plus seed packets with 6mg and a pinch of corn cockle seeds that were then given away Free on the day. Many thanks to ReallyWildflowers.com who gave us a 50% discount on the cost of the seeds.
  • … Nearly all of the cloths for our tables were either loaned, or borrowed from a local flower association or from members.
  • … A large number of our members helped to carry tables from a building across the other side of the school, moved furniture, fetched and carried kit from our Apiary and surrounding far away places, baked cakes, biscuits, gave up their personal time, brought plants, loaned us display stands, donated vases of flowers, constructed posters and badges for kids, and the like … all to enable us to set up and put on a good show.
  • … Many of our members helped, some dressed in bee suits, handing out leaflets in the street. Did you spot them?
  • … We didn’t run out of candle wick! (A little joke for those in the know). But we sure did make a lot of candles and used up all the coloured wax sheets. This was also accompanied by a lot of children having fun eating bee biscuits and a few carrying potted plants.
  • Finally … who walked off with my bulbs?  Perhaps they can let us know if the bees enjoy the plants next year, as they were not free!

Look out for us at the monthly Reigate Friday Market  and the many Fairs and Fetes we will attend throughout South East Surrey during next Summer.

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