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Members of the Reigate Division of the Surrey Beekeepers Association come from a large area of the south of the County, taking in the approximate boundaries of Dorking, Mole Valley, Leatherhead/Ashtead, Reigate & Banstead and Tandridge Councils. Some members come from as far afield as Crawley, Horsham, Epsom, Horley, Caterham, Warlingham, Nutfield, Wescott, Abinger, Capel, Newdigate, Godstone and even further to attend our classes. Several people have travelled from as far as Brighton to join our training courses, both practical and evening lectures.

Learning About Beekeeping

We aim to promote and increase the community’s understanding of honey bees and beekeeping, by means of demonstrations, teaching and training. Bees are a vital part of our ecology. They pollinate flowers, plants and trees while giving us their valuable gifts of honey and wax. In addition to the above, this website and our companion members website contain a wealth of bee keeping information which supports UK Beekeepers, and beekeeping countrywide. So even if you are as far away as Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, there is lots of interesting reading, although some season specific information is best suited to bees in the south of England.

Membership of the Reigate Beekeepers brings many benefits, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced beekeeper. What we offer:

  • Weekly meetings at our teaching apiary throughout the summer season (April to August) for both beginners and advanced members.
  • Local experienced beekeeper contacts near you for help and advice, including ‘mentors’ for those new to beekeeping.
  • Winter beekeeping courses with qualified tuition.
  • Winter lectures on subjects of interest to beekeepers (September to March).
  • Varied yearly programme of demonstrations, lectures, social events and visits.
  • Excellent teaching facilities. Our teaching apiary which was opened in 2010, has been purpose built to provide an ideal location for our members in a delightful countryside setting. Further development of the site is underway to extend and enhance these teaching facilities.
  • The club also manages a number of other apiaries, including one at Box Hill that is also used as a queen rearing centre for the benefit of members.
  • Purchasing of your beekeeping equipment & supplies via RBKA currently entitles you to a 5% discount from “Paynes Bee Farm Ltd., Hassocks, West Sussex”.
  • Monthly club newsletter and extensive library of books about beekeeping.
  • Membership includes monthly national magazines – BeeCraft and BBKA News.
  • Members only website which includes a discussion forum to ask questions and share beekeeping experiences and specific Reigate Beekeepers information.
  • Swarm collecting service, which provides new bees for club members.
  • Annual Honey Show, which provides the opportunity for members to display their bee products and achieve awards and prizes.
  • Insurance against Third Party claims and against bee loss through disease.
  • Extracting equipment for hire at a nominal charge.
  • Microscopy bee health clinics in the spring and autumn.
  • Members also participate in the Reigate farmers market, selling honey, and related products such as beeswax candles.

Beekeeping is a fascinating hobby, and one that makes a very significant contribution to the protection of our wildlife and our environment.

Above all, membership of Reigate Beekeepers provides the opportunity to meet other friendly and interested beekeepers and learn more about beekeeping.

Click here to submit a Membership Enquiry or to Request a Membership Application form
Click here to meet Reigate Beekeepers members and read of their experiences
Click to hear Radio Redhill interviewing a Reigate Beekeepers member about their experiences


  1. Hey ! I am a Imperial College Student and my group’s year project is related to the bee supervision in a device we are still planning out and would love some advice and opinions what’s required from experienced beekeepers. Some of us will cycle to Surrey this Saturday and would love to meet anyone interested in giving some feedback.
    My phone number is (0) 7719 497294

    • Hi João,
      We are able to inform you that advice from a Reigate Beekeeper may be a good deal nearer to you than you might have realised.
      The University of London, that Imperial College used to be part of, includes Queen Mary, within which there is the Chittka Lab which does bee research … at which, one of our members is a PhD student.
      So you don’t need to cycle into Surrey, just look for an associated faculty.

  2. Hi my name is sean Devereux I live in weare street I just start out in bee keeping I look for a bee culb for help and advice. Please ring on 01306 628193

    • Hi Sean,
      In the first instance, do please Click on the Membership Enquiry link on the ‘Wanting to Join Us’ page. Our Membership Secretary can take it from there…

  3. Well done on the new website – I’ve looked at quite a lot of it and think it’s very clear and very informative – you must have put a huge amount of effort into building such an extensive site.

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