Our Education Space Project 1

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Time Line


A key element in our development of on-site education at our Teaching Apiary was a Planning Application to ‘Erect a single storey wooden clubhouse and lay 4m wide grasscrete surfacing along part of access way from the main entrance…’ that was submitted during September that year.

We were delighted that this application was Granted in November 2012 by Mole Valley District Council.

The development approved was assessed against the National Planning Policy Framework Section 9, Mole Valley Core Strategy policy CS14, Mole Valley Local Plan policies ENV22 and REC11, and material considerations, including third-party representation. It was concluded that the development, subject to the conditions imposed, would accord with the development plan and there were no other material considerations to justify a refusal of permission.


Efforts then were then started in earnest in 2013 to raise the necessary funding for our Education Space Project


By the November of 2014, the members of Reigate Beekeepers had by a combination of Honey sales, fund raising events and general donations raised sufficient funds to commence the ground works and foundations that would be required for the building.

However, Christmas 2014 arrived early with a number of very significant and immensely generous donations from a few of our own members. Such was the scale of the generosity, that we were able to place orders for the building itself, for delivery and installation early in 2015.


Construction progressed well, and with a big team effort from the members to tidy the site up after the contractors had departed, we were all ready to commence our Summer Season of Beekeeping training by April 2015.

We now had a fine weatherproof building with main services provided, but otherwise an empty shell requiring a complete fitting-out internally. Although certainly enough to celebrate with a ‘Topping-Out’ ceremony during our Summer BBQ event.

Gradually, during the Summer months and by making good use of the mild Autumn and early Winter months; that fitting out was progressed. A stalwart team of volunteering members variously installed plumbing and wiring (1st Fix) and installed insulation and commenced plaster-boarding walls and ceilings.

2016 (so far)

The fitting-out is progressing.

By the time the years Summer Beekeeping Season got under way during (a chilly) April, ceilings and walls were being plastered, the plumbing was fully functional (and yes we had an indoor loo at last), 2nd Fix electrics were being carried out and the kitchen’s units and equipment were being installed.

And beyond

We will welcome funding to help us now complete the project.

The main room of the building, although structurally and decoratively nearly complete, remains an otherwise empty room.

We still need the teaching aids equipment and furniture required to provide the classroom, workshop, lecture, meeting room and presentations facilities that were, and remain, the core objective of the Education Project.

  • If you are keen to become a Beekeeper, you can help directly by enrolling on our next Beginners Course (January to March each year) and then become a Member of Reigate Beekeepers.

  • During the summer we provide a Taster Day (our next one is on June 18th this year and will be held in the new building) that is a great way for aspiring beekeepers (and their families) to learn a little about what is involved and have a hands-on experience of beekeeping.

  • Alternatively, you may like to help by Sponsoring-a-Hive.

  • Could you or your organisation/business possibly offer Reigate Beekeepers Grant or Sponsorship funding directly?

  • Meet us at the many Summer Shows & Village Fetes that we attend during the Summer and buy our Honey and other hive products we often have to sell.

  • Come along to our annual Honey Show in Reigate ( October 10th this year).

  • Or would you like to simply Make a Donation to Reigate Beekeepers, because you like what we are doing?


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